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Galicia’s natural paradises that will challenge your senses

Galicia is nature and sea. When you arrive in this land you realise how small it is because the ocean, the forests and the historical weight of our stones, is overwhelming. It is intoxicating from the first breath of air … Read More

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marinero gallego

Traditional Galician boats, the seafaring life of the coastline

Galicia is the cradle of mariñeiros and sailors, fishermen and shellfish gatherers. Generation after generation of men and women dedicated to the various trades of the sea. Jobs that harden the features and sometimes the character. And thanks to which … Read More

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castros galegos

Galician Castros, the legacy of the Celts

Galicia’s uniqueness begins with its close ties to the sea. From the first settlers to the invading peoples who settled along the coasts. Galicia is the daughter of the sea and stone, as shown by the abundant deposits of petroglyphs, … Read More

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European Regional Development Fund grant

Mardesía Galicia, SL, has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them, and thanks to which it has been able to … Read More

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encontro natureza mardesia

First meeting of artists of art and nature

First meeting of artists of art and nature, held in the rooms and surroundings of Mardesía. Three days in which distinguished Galician artists will perform their works in the intertidal complex of A Lanzada.

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cartel sobral mardesia

Inauguration of Mardesía

This exhibition is part of the project “Mardesía, estancias de mar, arte e poesía”, which seeks to attract tourists interested in getting to know the life of the sea and to present it through art and poetry inspired by the … Read More

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Welcome to the new Blog Mardesía Galicia

Read, learn and experience! Galicia opens up a world of sensations that capture you and reach the depths of your soul. And today we welcome you to this renewed space where we will help you in the process of understanding … Read More

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