ruta marisqueo y viñedos

Shellfish and vineyards route

This route consists of getting to know the shellfish banks of Cambados through the explanations of the shellfish gatherers themselves. The activity will end with a visit to the old vineyards of Pazo de Fefiñáns, where we can enjoy a … Read More

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ruta del puerto

Port Route

Route consisting of a visit and explanation of the seafood auction, a visit to the port with a description of two types of boats, explanation of the fishing gear they use and the species they catch, a visit to the … Read More

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ruta marisqueo

Shellfish route

This activity consists of visiting the shellfish banks of Cambados accompanied by the shellfish gatherers themselves, who will act as guides. At the end of the visit, a small handmade bag made by the redeiras is offered as a gift, … Read More

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atlantic fest 2019

Atlantic Fest 2019

Don’t miss an event where you can enjoy the best live music, in the middle of the wildest nature of A Illa de Arousa, and accompanied by the hospitality of its people. Workshops on the environment and sustainability, tasting and … Read More

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atlantico evening tasting cycle

Tasting cycle “As tardes do Atlántico” (Atlantic afternoons)

The terrace of the Martín Códax winery hosts a series of tastings that will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons in July and August, and from Tuesday to Friday during the month of September. Attendees will be able … Read More

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martin codax music cycle

Cycle of music “Os Xoves de Códax”.

The terrace of the Martín Códax winery hosts a series of concerts that will take place every Thursday in July and August. The best music and Albariño will be paired with the privileged setting of the winery’s terrace, where the … Read More

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silk-screen printing workshop

Serigraphy workshop on ceramics, textile or paper

La Platanera is an art studio located in A Illa de Arousa, 7 square kilometres of nature, sea and time, where art workshops and intensive workshops of all kinds are held…. “Made for people who wake up every day thinking … Read More

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foundation manolo paz

Visit to the Manolo Paz Contemporary Art Foundation

The Manolo Paz Foundation is located next to the estuary of the Umia River, in Quintáns, in the parish of Castrelo (Cambados), one of the most important wintering areas for aquatic birds on the peninsular coast and extremely rich in … Read More

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aproximacion sonora a lanzada

Soundwalking: a sonorous approach to the surroundings of A Lanzada

According to R. Murray Schafer, “the soundscape of the world is an immense musical composition that ceaselessly unfolds around us”. The aim of this activity is precisely to learn to perceive the identity of a place through its sound aspect, … Read More

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Getting to know the plants of the A Lanzada dune system

Dune areas are one of the most biodiverse habitats to be found in the marine environment, but also one of the most hostile areas for vegetation due to high salinity, sandy soil structure or high insolation. In order to withstand … Read More

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