Galicia’s natural paradises that will challenge your senses

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Galicia is nature and sea. When you arrive in this land you realise how small it is because the ocean, the forests and the historical weight of our stones, is overwhelming. It is intoxicating from the first breath of air borrowed from the trees. A smell of freshness and salt penetrates until it invades the heart of the senses and places the traveller in the centre of everything in the middle of the immensity. Living Galicia is an incomparable experience that must begin with its natural surroundings. Galicia’s natural paradises that will challenge your senses, the islands.

Natural heritage is universal and must be respected.
Our natural environment is our heritage, Galicia cannot be understood without it. That is why respecting and caring for it is a task for all of us. When we understand that what surrounds us is living nature that makes up unique ecosystems of incalculable value, it is when visitors become aware of where they are and where they want to return to.

Walk without fear, smell the atmosphere, let the humidity wet your face. You will feel this land with you, because the paradises of Galicia are a treasure. These are some of Galicia’s natural paradises that will challenge your senses.

Atlantic Islands National Park
The Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada Islands form the Atlantic Islands National Park. A real treasure among Galicia’s natural paradises. As they are unique, they are protected and therefore can only be visited in summer. To go to Cíes and Ons you need to apply for permission from the Xunta, because access is controlled.

You can camp in the areas set aside for this purpose.
There are hiking trails that lead to the lighthouses and viewpoints of the islands.
And there is also unrivalled native fauna and flora.

Two essential plans in Galicia’s Atlantic natural paradises
The Rías Baixas are protected by a group of islands, the three archipelagos that make up the Atlantic Islands National Park. Cold waters of crystalline green and white sand. As well as diving, swimming and walking, there are two essential plans in these two natural paradises.

1. Spend the day at Rodas beach, in the Cíes Islands. It is “the best beach in the world” according to The Guardian, which considers Rodas beach in the Cíes to be the best in the world.

It is a fine spit of sand that connects two of the three islands that make up the Cíes and separates the sea from a fairytale lake. And it is the link between the northern island of Monteagudo and the island of Faro, located in the centre.

2. Hear the roar of the Buraco do Inferno, on the island of Ons. A sea hole, a vertical cave that connects from the top of the island directly with the sea. A rock tube where the voices of the souls trapped by the devil resound on stormy days.

Finally, you may not know that Cíes is a beautiful spot that has been uninhabited since the pirates abandoned this land. But there are settlers on the island of Ons. People who live there all year round on ceded land and guard their hidden natural paradises.


to go to Cíes and Ons you need to apply for a permit at the Xunta de Galicia:

“best beach in the world” according to The Guardian:

Hell Hole:

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