Inauguration of Mardesía

cartel sobral mardesia

This exhibition is part of the project “Mardesía, estancias de mar, arte e poesía”, which seeks to attract tourists interested in getting to know the life of the sea and to present it through art and poetry inspired by the sea.
Mardesía has a small space dedicated to house an exhibition that under the title “crebeir_arte” puts in value the life and culture of the sea through the eyes of Galician artists, who transmit like no other the sea and what it represents in the lives of the sea. The different villages of Mardesía will serve, at the same time, as exhibition spaces; they are charming and welcoming atmospheres where the exhibited pieces shine with all their splendour thanks to the prevailing visual silence.
The first exhibition programmed for the inauguration of the vilas is that of the painter Antón Sobral: ACOUGO ISLANDS.

In the words of the author: “My paintings are islands. Seas, horizons, sea walls, mountains, bridges, abstractions… turned into vertically arranged islands in a wide sea-paradise. Sea-illas. And these chairs try to transmit calmness, calm, tranquillity, inner peace, silence.
I think that the Mardesía Crebeir_arte project has the same philosophy. This approach to the sea culture through an exhibition where the sea-themed works with a contemplative vision seek a sincere and authentic immersion in nature.
My seas, my colours are the result of more than forty years of work in search of an identity and also to open the eyes of the spectator in search of an essential experience: beauty.
The objective of my work is emotion. The gaze of a work of mine tries to awaken a positive feeling, a deep emotion and a state of mind in those who are ready to contemplate it.
I create as a response to the stressful, aggressive outside world, full of noise, fear, threats and useless suffering.
I have always been interested in the limits of the visibility of the seascape as a representative event. To capture this visibility I use various means of artistic expression, from painting, photography, audiovisuals and words”.

The exhibition will remain installed and at the disposal of the clients of the Vilas for at least 6 months.

In each village the visitor will be able to enjoy the exhibition of Antón Sobral’s multifaceted work through a selection of paintings and books that will be complemented by the possibility of viewing his video-creation work available on demand through the audiovisual system integrated in the village and managed through the PAM (Persoal Asistente Mariñeiro).

The inaugural event is scheduled to last for a weekend to facilitate the attendance of more public, making it coincide with the open days of the Mardesía villages.
In this act will offer selected activities of the PAM as the walk along the beach and collection of crebas.

The programme for the inaugural event is as follows:



12:00- Opening ceremony
13:00- Galician Pincho

Afternoon: open doors and activities


From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 : open doors

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