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Read, learn and experience! Galicia opens up a world of sensations that capture you and reach the depths of your soul. And today we welcome you to this renewed space where we will help you in the process of understanding what it is to feel Galicia. Because homesickness is much more than just missing.

Dedicated to those who believe in holidays as a time to reconnect and grow. And they understand that travelling is much more than just being there, it is getting to know other ways of living. Another relationship between man and nature, based on respect for the natural environment and admiration. Because maintaining the natural heritage is everyone’s business.

People who want to explore the paths, listen to the ocean and smell the forest. To get to know the customs handed down through oral tradition to the present day. The customs of a people forged between the strength of the waves and the hard work of the land, the Galician people. A people that smiles in the face of the rain and welcomes the pilgrim with pleasure.

A people who know that the best of their seas, the best seafood in the world, needs no adornment. And that balances its pagan and Christian duality with absolute mastery throughout all the festivities that mark its annual calendar. From Os Maios to O Samaín. From Carnival to the sea pilgrimages for the Virgen del Carmen.

Because to understand a place, you have to live it. And in this Blog we are going to show you why Galicia is so special. And how you can enjoy your holidays to your heart’s content, minimising environmental impact and soaking up the best of Galicia, its people.

Let’s start the journey together, get to know us!

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