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The Manolo Paz Foundation is located next to the estuary of the Umia River, in Quintáns, in the parish of Castrelo (Cambados), one of the most important wintering areas for aquatic birds on the peninsular coast and extremely rich in a variety of ecosystems. In this spectacular setting, the Galician sculptor Manolo Paz establishes an intimate dialogue with the stones and the sea that surprises and excites by the intensity of its results. It is a matter, says Paz himself, of “having faith in the stone”, of letting “it speak for itself, for itself”. To “give it a machete, cut it open, and let the mysteries emerge, the energy inside it”.

“Sempre tiven moi bo ollo, e creo que é por nacer case no mar; o nivel da auga proporciona equilibrio na mente e o maior nivel que existe é o mar” (Manolo Paz)

Technical data

  • Address: Fundación Manolo Paz Arte Contemporáneo. As Quintáns, 28 Castrelo-36639 Cambados
  • Contact telephone number: 619 76 61 04
  • Web:
  • Price: see website

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