A natural spa session

natural spa session

The beaches in the area of A Lanzada offer you the chance to delve into the unknown world of seaweed.

The algae on these shores absorb the best elements from the ocean to pamper your skin. They are able to concentrate the minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins dissolved in seawater. They contain a large amount of mineral salts and are rich in iodine, iron, cobalt, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Green algae: Moisturising, relaxing, anti-stress and used in dietetics.

Brown algae: They contribute to slowing down the ageing process, are the richest in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, stimulate the thyroid, contain trace elements, strengthen the immune system,…

Red algae: They are used by the best SPAs in treatments against stretch marks, due to their firming and reducing properties.

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